Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever in London

I admit to being a bit of a confused Republican. I believe in democracy yet I love the romanticism of a Royal Wedding. I went totally gaga over the Swedish Princess Victoria's nuptials last year and have been looking forward to tomorrow's grand occasion here in London.

Unfortunately I'll be working in the book shop in the afternoon so may miss the kiss on the balcony (I know!), but before that my nose will be firmly glued to our TV screen at home, while stuffing myself with fairy cakes Daughter has promised to bake.

For reasons I now really cannot remember, my dear colleague, the super PR woman of the shop, Danny, and I promised to wear hats and proper wedding outfits to mark the day. Now I cannot find anything suitable to wear.

While I'm panicking about dresses, shoes, hats and fascinators, Daughter is getting more and more excited about tomorrow's events so we set off to get some Royal memorabilia. I took her to Selfridges where we found some rather tasteful things:

KK Outlet bone china plate

Emma Bridgewater 'For William and Kate' mug

But Daughter wanted something 'with their faces on it', so we went to a little less upmarket shop and got these:

Two Kate and Wills flags from a tourist shop on Oxford Street
And then tried to hide them for the bus ride home.

I think I might have given birth to another confused Republican...


Bird in the Bush said...

I think I feel the same way. I would consider myself passionately pro-democracy yet there's a romantic side of me that can't help but wonder infrequently what it would be like to be a Princess....

Outfit wise, if it doesn't betray your Finnish blood, maybe don an outfit that incorporates white, blue and red?

Love Daughter sneaking the flags in the Selfridges bag - skills!

Have a lovely day tomorrow,

Bird x

Helena Halme said...


That's a lovely idea about the colours! Hope you have a great day too.

Helena xx

Olli Miekka said...

I have escaped the UK and sought refuge in Finland. Bliss.

Helena Halme said...

Olli, You are displaying a worryingly British characteristic by being nonchalant about the Royal Wedding. xx

Mwa said...

Haha! Me, too! I will be having a party with my sister, glued to the screen as well, but it's all "ironic" of course. (Not!)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

As it's gone on I've got more and more excited. I can't wait now. Although like you I have no idea what to wear and it would be fun to dress up. Let's see what the weather's like. Have a lovely day xx

Olli Miekka said...

I hope you enjoyed the day. I did my best to avoid it, but it seems your fellow Finns were quite keen on the event also... Argh!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love that plate! Shame I am old enough to be his Mother!