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Friday, 1 November 2013

Fireworks Are Not For Dogs

Our old terrier hates this time of the year (I know because he's told me). All it takes is a single firework going off and he becomes a shivering wreck, looking at me with his big puppy dog eyes, whimpering and asking for me to make the noise stop. 

Of course I can't. 

Over the years we've tried everything to calm him down; cuddles, having the radio on, talking to him in a calm voice. But none of it helps. Sometimes he  even looses the control of his bladder (which makes the cuddling interesting). The trouble is, where we are in North London the fireworks season can go on from pretty much now until January. Sometimes I wonder how people can afford to blow money up like this, but I digress.

The situation is worse when we are out at night and the terrier has to cope on his own. On our return we quite often find a wet patch on the carpet, but worse is the thought of the terror our little dog has had to endure on his own.

This year, when I saw we're going to have the return of the Alexandra Palace fireworks, which is very close to us, I decided to look for something that I could give the terrier to calm down. A dog Calpol if you like. British parents will know this children's medicine as a miracle worker: it takes away pain and makes your children into charming little angels (ok, not quite).

But instead of a medicine, I found a plug-in diffuser called Adaptil with a smell that only dogs can sense, and which emulates the scent of their mothers. You can plug in this device whenever you think you might need your dog to be calm. And ladies and gentlemen it works!

We've only had the occasional nasty pang or two so far, but judging by what an amazing effect this thing has on our (still at the age of ten!) hyperactive terrier, I'm hopeful that the Guy Fawkes and New Year's celebrations won' t be as dramatic as they usually are for our little 'stinky'.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The 5:2 Diet and Christmas

Like any diets the 5:2 fasting diet is difficult to do during Christmas. The additional holidays, parties and the sheer amount of food associated with the season would play havoc with anyone's resolve, however bright their halo shines.

During the holiday season there just doesn't seem any be any opportunity to have a fasting day. To follow my Finnish/Swedish customs, we have a traditional Nordic Christmas Eve which means a lot of food. On Christmas Day we are going to be visiting The Englishman's family, and Daughter's birthday falls in the days between Christmas and New Year. So the only days possible to do the fasting would be during the weekend (which we don't do - see my tips on the diet here). The Englishman toyed with the idea of fasting on Boxing Day, but that idea was soon gunned down by his (loving?) family.

So, after a lot of umming and arring, I decided it'd be best just to accept defeat before the holidays, rather than feel disappointed with myself for not making the fasting days. I have therefore decided that between 22 and 31 December I will take a break from the fasting, and go on a 7:7 seafood diet - see food and eat it.

This may sound drastic to you, especially as my experiences with the diet are going to be included in Dr Mosley's forthcoming book, The Fast Diet, and so I feel a bit of a poster girl (hah!) for the intermittent fasting idea. But there are a whole 12 months in the year 2013...

It's the season to be generous and kind - even to myself!

Christmas picture of terrier just as
a little seasonal bonus. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pedigree Border Terrier Puppies!

My Terrier has featured on this blog, on my Twitter and Instagram feeds a few times. Today I got the wonderful news that our Border who most people mistake for a puppy has himself become a Great Uncle!

Our old man looking regal.
And here are his relatives, three beautiful 5-week-old puppies. There are two girls and one boy, and they are ready for a new home.

So if you are in need of some Border loving, send me an email through the contact form on the left (Helena's Inbox) and I'll pass your info onto the owner of these beautiful puppies.