Wednesday 10 June 2009

Exams and The Hangover

The house is gripped by exam panic. Today, at this very moment, it's English (Lit or Lang...I should know). I'm meant to be getting on with Lost Daughter, the sequel to The Red King of Helsinki, a spy novel which at this very moment is being spectacularly ignored, rejected or laughed at by several good agents in the industry. Instead I sit here worrying about daughter.
I was lucky, I didn't care that much when I was taking my Baccalaureate exams, or perhaps I found it easier, or perhaps they were easy then.
But daughter really, really cares. Unlike son, she works unrelentingly, exhausting herself. I've been rallying around (a very English expression but so apt), even trying to cook healthy food, buying chocolates and the weekly magazines (Grazia an absolute must, Look just so we don't have to fight).
On Monday I took her to see Hangover at Babington House. We laughed so much our cheeks hurt. Perhaps it was the release of all the tension, but we both loved the script and the acting. Even the cinematography was good. Surely too much to expect from a film like this?

Something is happening to the paragraphs when I add photos...apologies, I'll figure out a way to fix it when the exams are over.


Cheryl said...

What a great photo! Hilarious. And if you ever get the chance, you must visit Seattle. Not only is it amazingly beautiful but it has to be one of the cleanest, most convenient and best run cities I've ever visited. Also the food and coffee are excellent everywhere you go, even the more touristy places. San Francisco is great too, btw, just not quite as clean nor as well run.

Anonymous said...

Ah the heady days of exam revision, so much displacement activity to be done

Unknown said...

I'm a platinum member of the Academy of Displacement Activity UK (ADAUK), daughter a junior member.

Cheryl, I'll definitely visit Seattle, it sounds wonderfully Scandinavian to me (good coffee, well organised & clean city).