Wednesday 22 July 2009

Men about the house

It's a very exciting day in the middle of nowhere in deepest darkest Blogshire today. Man and son are erecting a scaffold. In face of forecast gale force winds and torrential rain, they're optimistic a paint job which has been planned for months will go ahead today. The object of their DIY:ing is the eaves of the house. Yes, that's right, this is the highest part of the house, hence the scaffold.

But I have some concerns:

1. It is a very long way to fall down.

2. Son's just got a 1st in Chemistry from Oxford (yes, I can get this information into any blog I'll ever post), not a degree in painting and decorating.

3. The scaffold is rusty. A fact no-one has noted.

4. This is the view from my kitchen window while I'm trying to work.
5. Even the dog with a pea sized brain located somewhere around his stomach and the bits between his legs looks worried.

Someone please send me a team of professional painters. It's an emergency.

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