Friday 17 July 2009

A ride anyone?

I saw this in a car park yesterday and couldn't resist. What I found most alluring was the detail to attention. The mannequin has red lips to match her red stilettos, and red sidecar. A belt, 7/8 pants and even beads around her neck. She looked so real that I had to do a double take when I parked my car next to her.

What I couldn't help wondering though, was why? Was this the mode of transport of a particularly lonely person? Or someone so popular he or she must have a false companion to ward off unwanted attention? Or a tribute to an old girlfriend?

Questions, questions, questions.


dan powell said...

You've got the basis there for an intriguing short story. Great photo.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dan. But alas, I'm rubbish at short stories....the 'How I came to be in England' was meant to be one or two chapters and look at it now, we're on number 8. xx