Wednesday 12 August 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

I'm away from blogging for a few days and what happens? I get not one, but THREE awards.

I am honoured and humbled and must first of all thank Wildernesschic, Looking Fab in Your Forties and Oneof365 each for giving me this most prestigious award. And I must thank my family, and gosh, gather, gather. OK, that's enough Kate Winslet references (Ed.)

There are rules attached to these awards, and they are as follows:

1) Brag about it.
2) Choose seven blogs to receive the award & link to them.
3) List ten honest things about yourself.

The first one is easy, but how to choose only seven blogs? Here's a try:

Liberty London Girl - I am addicted to this blog. She's the reason I started blogging, so all complaints should be sent to her.

Oneof365 - This blog is getting better and better and I am in awe of her daily posts.

Belgian Waffling - You must visit this blog, it'll change your life (or at least give you a good laugh).

Mrs Trefusis Takes a Taxi - This woman can write. If she chose to write about painting a wall white, it would be riveting. I hate her.

The Intern - You have to read this blog to believe it.

Cheryl de los Reyez Cruz - For visual beauty and for a wonderful insight into an artist's life.

Bringing up Charlie - Witty blog charting the life of a stay at home Dad.

Then onto the most difficult part of the award...

1. I'm an Accountant by profession. It's amazing the lengths one goes to earn the children's school fees. But it's true. I could actually complete your tax return for you.

2. I'm really a city girl. Never lived in countryside until we moved to our current secluded location 13 years ago. Been trying to escape to the city ever since.

3. This is not the first award I've received for my writing. When already living in England, I got news that my thesis on British Party Politics (don't nod off, we're just getting to the interesting bit) won an award. Not for it's academic achievement, but for making something quite boring an interesting read. So there. Already at the tender age of 22, I knew how to write. If only...

4. I have two and a half manuscripts hidden under my bed. (OK, actually on the hard drive of my pc). I took an MA in Creative Writing a couple of years ago, but am very bad at approaching agents. I've only spoken with a couple, one of whom nearly took me on.

5. When pregnant with my second child, I was so desperate to have a girl, I worried endlessly about it. I feel the luckiest ever person to have a son and a daughter. Both of them are about to leave home and though I joke about it, I'm petrified.

6. I can eat a whole jar of Nutella in one sitting. And then feel very bad. (Not bad enough to be sick though, more's the pity.)

7. I cannot write short stories. The story of How I came to be in England was meant to be in three parts. I'm on part 13 and there's no end in sight. Sorry...

8. I hate gardening, but love eating my home grown veg. We have acres of garden.

9. At this very moment I should be in the gym. Instead I'm at my computer blogging. I'm an addict.

10. At last, number 10! The honest facts has been the most challenging post to write.

Over and out.


oneof365 said...

I am damned bloody honored to be on your list! I didn't know you were an accountant! That is SUCH the opposite of being a writer! Helena! That is hilarious. You are a wonderful blogger and I adore reading your "heart on your sleeve" posts. Thank you again for reciprocating the award. It was not necessary. Really. It was incredibly kind. Get those damned manuscripts out from under your bed---they need to be looked at---if they are as good as your blog--jesus--get them to the public!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo as always --oneof365

Liberty London Girl said...

Thank you lovely. I will get round to completing the meme when I get a sec!And wow, I had no idea you read me before and am thrilled if my blog really was the reason you started blogging as you know I adore your story, and very much enjoy your writing. LLGxx

Cheryl said...

Oh, Yay! I have one already, but I'll take two anyday!!! This time, maybe, I'll make that list of ten honest things about myself. Thank you! xx

Wildernesschic said...

Helena I dont think you got my award to you I also nominate you on my blog. Just learning how to do all this :) I posted a tweet but maybe not a personal one to you. Anyhow so you got 3 :) Keep up the good work x