Thursday 22 July 2010

A lovely day in Bath

As a positive consequence from being homeless we've had time to spend quality time togther with Husband. Today we had a day shopping in Bath while our border terrier went to the doggie dentist. After lunch at Jamie's Italian, Husband wandered around mobile phone shops, spending a very long time in the newly opened Apple store, and I did some shopping. I actually managed to buy some clothes at last. While we've been on this enforced holiday, I've been wearing the few items the removal men didn't whisk away into storage, as well a pair trousers, knickers and a couple of t-shirts I bought from a Sainsbury's in Frome. I know I'm being a snob here, but being on holiday wearing Sainsbury's clothes isn't my idea of fun. Although I've had several positive comments about my black jeggings and white t-shirt combo (I didn't go mad), I myself don't feel comfortable in them. So after we left the Babington Bubble, as we passed through a town, I looked into clothes shops wanting to buy a new pair of jeans or a nice summer dress.  But along with my appetite for food, my appetite for clothes when I actually NEEDED to shop for them has been non-existent. Isn't that just typical?  

Today was different. Whether it was the magic of Bath, a town which I've always loved, or the glass of wine at lunch, but I found a lot of things I could have bought.

In the lovely shop that is Mee on Bartlett Street I tried on a pair of Hudson jeans two sizes smaller than my normal size, this fact alone making the day a happy one. In the end I bought a pair of studded Steve Madden ballerina shoes, at the next door shop, Lux. They were reduced from£105 to £55 which I thought a great bargain.

I also found some great t-shirts on sale at Jigsaw and a couple of tops at Toast. Jeans I still didn't find, but then as you know if you've been reading this blog for a while, I do already own quite a few pairs somewhere in storage (I hope).

So now I'm a little more kitted out for London tomorrow. And the dog's breath is noticeably sweeter. We'll have to find him another nickname, as in the past five years he's been known either as Stinky, Smelly or Mr Dog Breath. Ah, we know how to have fun?


That's Not My Age said...

We spent a couple of days in Bath between Christmas and New Year and went to Jamie's too. It's so beautiful (Bath, not Jamie's), I could live there. Mind you I say that about practically everywhere we visit. Love the shoes - have you completed the move to NW3?

Wildernesschic said...

Love the shoes... I to Darren's great disgust have bought a pair of mens brogues, I am sick of falling off my shoes.
My dentists wife now has a link to your blog and is looking forward to reading it her name is Anika incase she comments .. Hope you are ok
Love Ruth xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, you found some great buys... meanwhile, what about your left-behind pet? You know no amount of "shopping therapy" will soothe those pangs. I've read your stories, you're better than that - right? Is this an English thing to do?

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous: I think your comment about left-behind pet is insensitive and out of order. A dog that has lived in the countryside all his life and been allowed to roam around can never be a citydog and be happy in a flat. It would not be fair to him. He is much happier in the surroundings he is used to and loves.
Helena, you are so lucky that you have such lovely neighbours that can take your pet.You did the right thing eventhough you clearly miss him dreadfully.

Style At Every Age said...

Love the shoes! I haven't managed to get to a Jigsaw yet, much to my disgust!

tedsmum said...

Best w/end we spent in Bath was at the annual Jane Austen Festival - google it - highly recommended, as is the spa, and then as you said, the shopping. One of my favourite cities.Love the shoos too!

Anonymous said...

My apology. No intention to be insensitive to Helena and the myriad of difficult decisions she is making these days.