Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sales, sales, sales

Since for once we're here in London when the sales start, Daughter and I braved Selfridges on the day after Boxing Day. Neither of us are very good with crowds - I think she's got my Finnish streak of rather jumping into a freezing lake than joining a mass of people fighting over bargains - but to her credit she found a half-price coat from Reiss as well as  a party dress from All Saints. Even Husband found a new sports jacket from Aquascutum, but I was put off by our visit to the new shoe gallery. The determined-looking women there scared me so much all I wanted to do was flee to the Italian restaurant on the 2nd floor. Which serves rather nice salads and fortifying white wine.

I had, of course, already done some sale shopping online a few days earlier, so I didn't feel that left out...the Net-a-Porter sale is always a favourite and this year I bought two more DKNY cozies (I know, I know) as well as a pair of Current/Elliott trousers.

These chinos are cropped and loose-fiting - what more could you wish for after a week of indulgence?

On the recommendation of the wonderful Mrs Trefusus Takes a Taxi I also found a lovely navy blue cardigan at Bastyan - to me previously unknown brand.

The cardigan is made with very fine cashmere and has a silk panel at the back making it very comfortable to wear.

There's beautiful detailing throughout with neat little buttons.

Me in the Current/Elliott trousers and the Bastyan cardi

I'd already got some sale bargains at a newly found favourite brand, Compton des Cotonniers on Hampstead High Street before Christmas. Their cut seems to fit me perfectly. I got a woollen dress and a blue/grey t-shirt. I've been wearing both items all holiday. Their sale started already on 23rd of December as did at another nice but rather expensive shop in the village (as the locals like to call the High Street), Zadig &Voltaire. I found a last minute Christmas present for husband there but alas held back looking for myself. What self-control! 

Today, however, I am going to have a little look at the Liberty's sale - I seem to love everything they have in that store so it's usually not hard to find a bargain or two. Wish me luck that the crowds have receded a bit by now. If not, I might have to retreat to the cafe for a hot chocolate and a Danish...or for something stronger.


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helena, I can't face the sales, I'm still in hibernation mode.

Love your new buys and isn't Zadig and Voltaire wonderful?

Have a fabulous New Year xx

Unknown said...

Christina, I'm the same with sales - these were all online buys...much more civilised! I try to keep away from Z&V - it's too local - and their boots especially are fabulous...

Hope you have a Happy New Year too! xx

Jaana said...

Z&V has lovely stuff with my favourite skull motifs on, they also have far too good service in their Hampstead shop, I never manage to leave empty handed...
Happy New Year from Bangkok Airport where there is some nice shopping on offer too!

That's Not My Age said...

Well done, Helena - you picked up some lovely stuff.

Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

Urgh the Sales the older I get the more I come to realise I'd rather pay full price and having clothes displayed in a manner that doesn't look like a retro jumble sale. Though I have become very partial to online bargains it's the best way to get those Sale bargains.

Style At Every Age said...

I picked some lovely bits from Liberty's for a blog post before Xmas but there is virtually nothing online now, sadly! I haven't bought a thing yet and have spent all day online again. I thought NAP was very poor but instead of trying to get a few bits really cheap, I might go back and get one thing I really love.

Mwa said...

Our sales only start in January... and I'm already hyperventilating at the mere thought of them.

Doriana Gray said...

I love those pants- extremely classy!

Anonymous said...

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