Monday, 11 April 2011

London life: Power Plates at Good Vibes

After two sessions on Power Plates with evil efficient trainers, my body aches in a way that I had forgotten it could. The only positive thing is that although I haven't lost any weight since starting the intensive 25 minute sessions on the vibrating plates, I feel thinner. And didn't somebody say that muscle weighs more than fat..?

Besides, the folks at Good Vibes in Fitzrovia (they also have studios in Covent Garden and on Liverpool Street) are so wonderfully positive and encouraging that I think even if none of the exercises worked, I'd still feel better after a session.

Even when you first arrive in the bright studio, you are greeted cheerfully. I'd been a good girl and already filled in my form asking me if I had any previous medical conditions (don't you just hate those?), and after the male trainer had checked I was OK to be vibrated on the plates, he said, 'Just relax, I'll tell you what to do.'

To my slight horror, on that Monday morning, I was the only pupil in the studio. 'We'll have a really good workout now,' said the trainer ominously. I giggled nervously and stood on the platform. He turned the machine on and told me to slightly bend my knees to stop my teeth chattering. I was to be on the lowest setting for the first few sessions. 'Let's see how you get on first.'

I was surprised how many Pilates moves we did on the vibrating surface. I'd expected that Power Plates was all based on keeping your balance, but found it was much more than that. The vibration itself seems to exercise your muscles - very few, small moves made me sweat buckets. There were moves that I could only do once or twice, but the trainer immediately had an alternative to try.

Afterwards I felt elated, every muscle in my body felt exercised and I decided to come back for more.

And by the way - I lied about the aching...cross country skiing is still the hardest exercise there is. How quickly I'd forgotten the sore body that activity produced!

In Ylläs, Finnish Lapland, last month
But I do very much recommend Power Plates - it's a fast and furious way to exercise. The brochure says there's no need to shower afterwards, and I guess you're not as sweaty as you'd be after an hour-long session in the gym. However, I'd not be able to go straight from the session back to the office without a shower. Maybe that's just me?

Good Vibes offer a free trial session for new customers and there's an excellent video clip on their site to show you what to expect. (And just in case you wondered - I pay for my own sessions.)


Rose said...

hmm perhaps I need to try this- the gym scares me though- the etiquette and all of those things

Metropolitan Mum said...

I am an addict, too! I go to Powertone Studios - they are all over the city, too.