Monday 15 August 2011

Do you follow The Rules?

One of the things I really miss when away from London is my weekly dose of celebrity gossip and fashion in the form of the weekly magazine, Grazia. I know reading it is silly, and a useless waste of time. Plus my weekly bad habit probably feeds the dubious methods of the paparazzi and the gutter press. I'm also aware who owns the magazine, still, I just cannot help myself.

In this week's Grazia, which I devoured yesterday, there was a headline, (it ended with a question mark, so I presume it had no relation to reality or the truth) about Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio. It's rumoured that Blake has hooked the 'straying' actor with following The Rules a la the 1990's book by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. You know the ones that could have been taken from the script of Mad Men about how to get Mr Right. According to them a girl is to remain aloof in the relationship, never to be the one to call him first, have other interests than him (wow!), not to say 'I love you' first, make him jealous, etc., etc.

Blake and Leo in New York. Photo: Greatnewmovies 
This, I presume, is in stark opposition to the tactics deployed by Miss Hurley, who seems to have manufactured Mr Right out of the original bad boy cricketer Shane Warne. He now looks more like Barbie's Ken than a real person.

The Real Shane?
Shane or Ken? Picture: Getty Images
So, ladies, which are you? Follower of The Rules or Self-build-your-man-Hurley?    


Cheryl said...

In both stories here, whether she followed the rules or not, I think both women have a lot of confidence, which, whether she followed the rules or not is what really drew each man to her. And in my life I've seen examples of both techniques working. So, I believe what works is a mix of both. Maybe it depends on what kind of guy, and relationship, you want.

Mwa said...

Neither, I think. I quite like the spontaneous, being yourself approach to love. (And letting the other person be himself, too.)

Unknown said...

Cheryl & Mwa, in real life, maybe... ;-)


Michelle Trusttum said...

How dewy is SW's skin? He looks like a Madame Tussaud's rendering of himself.

I wish I had tried the rules. 'Girlpower' has never got me anywhere when it comes to romance thanks to an impulsive nature and the conviction I'm right.

Mrs P said...

Well there is that saying "treat em mean keep em keen" but it feels like game playing really and we are all adults (well us girls are!) I much preferred SW before his makeover - what attracted her to him if it wasn't the ruggedness?

Unknown said...

Mrs P, I too loved SW before his plastic face was put on!

And I agree re the games, but on the other hand before you know each other well, there is some playing going on, whether we're grown up or not...?


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