Wednesday 24 August 2011

Vogue's Fashion's Night Out

Bond Street, London
Don't you sometimes miss good old fashioned high-street shopping? I get most of my clothes - even shoes - online now and never seem to have time to get some serious retail therapy in London. When we moved here a year ago (I know - doesn't time fly?) from the sticks, I imagined myself popping up to Selfridges and Liberty's - my favourite stores in London - almost every day. In reality, when I'm in town, I'm rushing from one place to another and very rarely have time to actually go into the shops.

That's why the letter I received today about a special Vogue shopping event taking place on 8th September in London was such a nice surprise.  Fashion's Night Out event is already in its third year, but it seems such a fun idea. Bond Street is going to be traffic free; over 200 shops and stores are taking part and organising fashion shows, roller discos, pop-up restaurants and styling sessions.

This is just the boot up the whatsits I needed to take more time to shop in real shops. As silly as that sounds...!

All details about the night are here.


Mrs P said...

That sounds fantastic - I will be on holiday though. Our Harvey Nichols in Manchester sometimes does these open events which are lovely. Have a great time x

Alison Cross said...

That sounds like a lot of fun - you must tell us what you buy and put up pix of the purchases!

Ali x

Unknown said...

Mrs P and Alison, I'll definitely write about the night - I'm hoping for bargains as on strict budget... ;-)


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