Tuesday 27 November 2012

Feeling poorly...

For weeks now I've been battling against a cold. I've tried everything; various nasal sprays, copious amounts of vitamin C and other potions, but last weekend my body finally caved in and I ended up in bed, having to cancel going to all sorts of lovely events, like the Finnish and Danish Christmas Markets.

Father Christmas at last year's Finnish Christmas Market

Lovely Danish wares at last year's Market
Yesterday I thought I was better again and went off to my new office in Camden. Once there, though, I felt awful and had to leave early. Same happened again at another office in Southwark today, and this afternoon I feel even worse than I did over the weekend.

I should have listened to my Big Sis who warned me against going to work when still feeling unwell. I never did listen to her advice!

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Margit said...

Hope you feel better soon Helena!