Sunday 14 April 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge: L is London Book Fair

My theme: Writing and the business of writing

I remember when I first came up from the country to the London Book Fair about five years ago, and was struck by how business-like and un-literary the whole event was. And how lacking in writers something calling itself a Book Fair could be. Plus the agents were nowhere to be seen; they were tucked away in the International Rights Centre upstairs, which wasn't accessible unless you had an appointment. I was reminded of the New York Stock Exchange, where huge amounts of money were being moved but where not a dime nor a nickel was ever to be seen.

But, to reflect the rest of the publishing industry, even the London Book Fair is changing. These days there's something called Author Lounge, with several events aimed at writers. Of course majority of these are companies selling digital publication and printing solutions to writers, biggest one being Amazon's KDP, but there are also many seminars aimed to help us Indy writers produce and sell our books.

Alliance of Independent Writers (ALLi) is organising a series of events, including Kobo book presentations by ALLi authors, and a talks by Orna Ross and Joanna Penn on self-publishing. And there's going to be ALLi's 1st birthday party too! (I can't wait!)

So, this year at the LFB, I will be a busy little bee, attending seminars, meeting many other ALLi authors. I even have a pitching slot with an agent. Wish me luck, I'll be on around two o'clock tomorrow!

I will attempt some live blogging from LBF, so watch this space.

London Book Fair, Earls Court, London 14-17 April 2013

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