Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Women as sex objects

Prof Susan Fiske, of Princeton University, has found that some men do not see scantily glad women as human. The part of the brain which usually becomes active during social interaction deactivated in some men when they looked at pictures of women in their bikinis. The men's brains treated the women as objects. Ms Fisk blames the constant bombardment of sexualised images of young women for this phenomen.

Did we not know this already?

I'm sure some women would give the same reaction when looking at calendars of firefighters with a strategically placed towel on their laps.

So sex just sex, why does it matter so much.

A recent survey amongst pensioners, and I'm now talking of the 70-80 year-old-bracket, found that the one thing they most regretted in life was not having enough sex. They wished they'd had more of it with more partners.

The base desire to copulate is a strong need. It was not until the Victorians came along that we started having morals. Sex makes us healthy, it keeps us looking young and is good for our minds. So what if some men see us a sex objects, surely it's what we want anyway?

If only life was so simple. It's easy to pretend not have emotions. It's easy not to see the rape statistics, the horrific reports on domestic violence, the increase in teenage pregnancies and STD's.

So what's the answer. Men see women as sex objects. Women do the same with men, sometimes. Not all of these people will go out at night and like vampires hunt down the opposite sex. Those who do would possibly have done so anyway, whether they've been bombarded with sexual images or not. Society is wonderful at making excuses for its ills. Especially when it's the media that's at fault. After all, how can you control the media.

I say let's blame the bankers. I'm sure they see everything in life as objects.

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