Friday, 26 March 2010

Happiness Is a New Waitrose

Those of you who have been following this blog know that we are midst of a house refurbishment. Still. I won't go into the promises made to me about it all being ready (uh, uh) some five weeks ago. I'll only tell you we've now reached the stage when entering the house from our relatively sane (but cramped) sleeping quarters in the sauna cottage, all I want to do is scream. Not only are we eating and working in the kitchen, we have been pushed to one side of it today as works are being carried to the various electrical connections. In the meantime not one other room in the house has been cleared, or finished.

I escaped this morning to my weekly Pilates class and even offered to do the food shop. I did have an ulterior motive, though. A new supermarket has just opened close to us. This isn't just any supermarket, but a Waitrose.

I never thought I'd see the day when civilization reached these dark rural parts. Not in the form of a Waitrose with self-scanning. As I was going around the gleaming new store, merrily scanning the lovely foodstuffs, and placing them in my brand new Waitrose green carriers, I was truly happy.

I felt like the ladies in the BBC series, Inside John Lewis, who stormed the new store in Cardiff. I half expected to have a bunch of flowers stuffed into my arms as the first shoppers through the doors in Wales did. (Were you there Wildernesschic?)

Of course everyone I knew was there shopping at the new Waitrose too - and I'd left the house with messy hair and no make-up, wearing my beaten-up old track suit. I forgot with civilization you also get social interaction. But everyone was so enthusiastic about the new store that I think I might have got away with it. I made a note to self though: Must remember to at least wear clean track suit bottoms when I next (tomorrow) visit my new haven in the sticks.


Margit said...

Oh Helena! You are so English... you're making fun of those ghastly pyjama shoppers, you're laughing at like Waitrose! All very very admirable - and so enjoyable to read!xx

North West London Girl said...

I love my local Waitrose, and it is enormous with a cafe too. Last week I mentioned at the check out that I was not happy with the flowers I bought the previous week and the lovely woman at the check out insisted that I should be given a replacement bunch (without charge), that's perfect service, and I will always pay a little more for shopping in comfort. xx

That's Not My Age said...

You obviously live in a posher location than me - we have a new Costcutter opening soon!

Wildernesschic said...

Oh I am so jealous a Waitrose they do not even deliver here !!
Sorry Cardiff was way too far to go for John Lewis... ;)
I am a North Wales Chic Chick !

Helena Halme said...

Margit - touche!

NW London Girl, you completely understand.

That's Not My Age - This is the strange thing, nearby stores include Lidl and a Costcutter is on the cards. I think partners at JL mistook us for a posher town ten miles down the road....

Wildernesschic, I am terrible at Geography!


Anonymous said...

Ooh Happy Days! What next? OCADO?

Chic Mama said...

I have so many of your posts to catch up with, sorry...thank you for your comment. x
I tagged you in a post earlier today but forgot to tell you. Hopefully you haven't done it/or fancy it? xx
By the way I love Waitrose too...always used Ocado although finances have stopped that now. You can't beat the service or the quality of the food. x

BLOGitse said...

We've had only Carrefour for 2 years! :)
I let you know where we're shopping next.
But before that I have a relocation break - next time here from Morocco when we have internet connection.

Enjoy shopping until you can enjoy your renovated house! :)

Take care!


Christina Lindsay said...

It makes food shopping so much less of a chore... My local Waitrose opened a year ago. We now have an M&S, Waitrose and Sainsburys bizarrely all in a row next to each other. Waitrose is my favourite and what they stock just gets better and better. The Actor has a thing for their own brand hard boiled and peeled quails eggs which come with a sachet of celery salt xx

Melissa said...

Congrats on the new escape destination while your house is being worked on.