Friday, 17 April 2009

The London Book Fair

Is it wise and useful to flaunt yourself and your (unpublished) work in places like the LBF? Sometimes it feels like swimming in treacle, all the things one should and shouldn't do to get to that aah so wonderful goal of being in print. The net is full of blogs on the subject. Some are useful. I have put together a personal guide.

How To Get Published:

1. Keep writing
2. Use every opportunity to promote yourself
3. Be modest (but see no 2 above)
4. Be nice
5. Be patient (hardest and most important)
6. Enter every competition on this earth
7. Do your research and stick to it when approaching agents/publishers (horses for courses)
8. Don't forget to write
9. Read everything published in your chosen genre
10. Write

Someone told me I should wear something memorable when attending the LBF How to Get Published Masterclass. Better add that to the list...

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