Sunday, 12 July 2009

Broadband problems and too much time in hospital

Apologies for my online absence. Daughter had her long awaited operation on Thursday and at the same time BT Broadband went down. Not sure if these two occurrences are connected.

As we spent most of the time in the car between home and hospital, being off-line didn't matter that much. When we brought daughter home at last, however, it did. After a few angry phone calls with BT call centre, it finally transpired that the fault was indeed on the line and not with us. We hadn't disconnected our land line, nor had we inadvertently flushed the handset down the lavatory, nor thrown it against the wall. Both of which any normal person might have been tempted to do after an hour long conversation with BT. Now after 48 hours are are finally online again.


Liberty London Girl said...

I do hope she's feeling ok. Must be so difficult for you LLGxx

Helena Halme said...

Thanks, LLG. It's better now she's home. According to the consultants she's doing really well. xx