Saturday, 14 November 2009

Southsea on a stormy day

Every time we go down to Portsmouth to see our friends we decide that we're going to sell up in the sticks and move down there. This lasts for a week or so, until we realise that it's completely impractical from job/children's schools/family point of view. And we remember that what we really want is to be 23 again, footloose and fancy free.

For me Portsmouth is home in England. It was the first place I settled to when I moved from Finland. Besides, I love the sea. I've written here about how landlocked I've felt in the country. And some of our oldest friends live in Southsea. It's become a universal joke, 'Why don't you move down here when you love it so much?'

'I really think we will,' I reply.

We know how to have fun.

Usually all that happens is that we look at estate agents windows before or after a stroll on the old battlements in Old Portsmouth, and then head home to Sticksville.

This time the walk was impractical as it was truly raining cats and dogs, and in a horizontal direction. But we managed to see a couple of flats in a new development in Old Portsmouth. And we fell in love.


Seeing the high waves with seahorses crashing against the harbour walls from the rooftop of a penthouse we were viewing was fantastic. To be so close to water, all year around, to always have a friendly face to meet in a pub, oh, to be 23 again...

Driving home we discussed the possibility of moving to Portsmouth. And realised there are far fewer obstacles in our way this time.

This time we could actually do it.



Wildernesschic said...

Ohh exiting for you !! I love to live by the sea.. but am quite settled here now .. I think its because we are next to a river .. Its a water thing I love to live close to water .. Good Luck x

Sandy said...

How exciting! That photo is spectacular.

The Divorcee said...

I can only agree about living near the sea- where we live now was the only place I could've conceivably envisaged us in after our move from french sticksville back to the UK.
I don't regret it other than the relentless wheeling and screeching of the pterodactyl's- but nothing that hasn't been helped (marginally) by the purchase of some ear-plugs! Carpe diem and all that- it's never too late to dream and make them your reality. Fab pic btw x x

Marguerite said...

If you really want to move to Portsmouth, I think you should do it! I lived by the sea for many years and there is really nothing quite like it. And having good friends there is a big plus! Good luck with finding a great place!

Anonymous said...


Midlife Jobhunter said...


Yeah, that's when you really need to decide if what you wanted at 23 will still work at this age. Sounds wonderful. Exciting.

JennyMac said...

That is an amazing photo! And what an exciting prospect.

Chic Mama said...

How exciting! Fingers crossed for you.

Helena Halme said...

Well, we're very far from actually moving. This has been going on for some time so I'm not holding my breath we'll ever leave Sticksville.

Glad you enjoyed the post, though. xx

dan powell said...

I spent a large part of my twenties in Portsmouth and often get nostalgic for the place. Great city and Southsea's Albert Road will always be a place I love to go back to. Many a good night out had down Portsmouth.

All the best with the reloaction, relocation, relocation if you do decide to take the plunge.