Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A convenience too far?

Inspired by my wonderfully funny blogging friend, Wildernesschic, I had to share with you some of my toilet observations while in Helsinki.

Finns are the most practical people I know. (I should say ‘we’ Finns of course). It’s not surprising that Nokia has done so well in mobile technology, we have several inventions under our belt. Some like the Sauna are well known, others less so. But I think in this instance the practicality has been taken a little too far.

In every hotel room convenience, in any restaurant loo, and even in toilets at airports and train stations, a little shower head has been placed in a handy position next to the toilet seat. I’m not terribly well traveled, but apart from Stockholm, I haven’t come across these anywhere else. The French have their bidets, but I doubt they have them in many public loos?

Whether it’s my filthy imagination, (I blame the writing – we writers have to consider all aspects of living, including toilet habits), but every time I see the showers, I always think that it's so kind of that particular establishment to provide a way for working girls to clean themselves up in between sessions. Because who else in their right minds would think to have a little wash down there in a restaurant or bar?


Wildernesschic said...

I love it !! Such a clean nation you are .. I would love those in our public loos and I am not a working girl but love to feel fresh :)
I was quite jealous of my friends new toilet paid for by the NHS as she has a severely handicapped child. It has a little arm that comes up rinses and then blow drys your bottom .. yes really !!!
I didn't know that Nokia was a Finnish brand .. you see I am always learning from you Helena.

Mrs Jones said...

I've seen these in the Middle East (in an airport loo in Riyadh) and also Thailand (in a hotel bathroom in a little beach bungalow on Koh Samui) but nowhere else, so they do exist elsewhere. In the Riyadh loo, they had the shower but no loo roll so, presumably, you had to use the shower instead of that, but I couldn't help wondering what you dried yourself with. I used tissues, by the way (I know - too much information...)

Helena Halme said...

Ruth, I am here to educate the masses about Finland...seriously, you'd be amazed how many people don't know about Nokia. It's actually a little town in central Finland and my mother was born there. And it was originally a rubber factory, they still make the best wellies.

It was the drying yourself aspect that puzzled me too Mrs Jones!

Anonymous said...

We had a Nokia TV at home (in Finland), and black Nokia wellies.

I have to say, I would love to have one of those showers here. Apparently people have a little shower after the proverbial no. 2 - and that can be anywhere, surely?! I love the idea that one can have a little "clean" between Cosmopolitans in a bar in Helsinki!

- The Finnish reader

one of 365 said...

I am actually intrigued and horrified by this! I like the idea of washing yourself, but then I wonder, how close has the other person before you gotten with that shower head? I mean, how clean can that sucker be? Even the handle? Has the person washed their hands first before they've held it and then used it? Probably not. Hmmm. I love the idea of utter freshness, coolness and clean. But what about hygiene? I know that you probably don't hold the actually head to your "bits" but what happens if you accidentally did and so did someone else? YIKES! I dunno Helena. It is rather dubious to me. I like the option. I do. But I fear it as well! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox---One of 365
PS: Hope you are having a grand ol' time still!