Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Weight loss and money

There seems to be a correlation. Before doing my monthly bank account reconciliation (two months overdue), I thought I'd found a new miracle diet. It goes something like this:

1. Take one small dog from the country to a top floor flat in a hilly part of London. Discover that you have to take him for a walk two times per day. (In the country he used to take himself for walks, how easy was that?)

2. Give up your car and refuse to drive husband's. Make sure public transport is at least 5 minutes walk away - preferably over a hill. (Not difficult in NW3)

3. Make sure all amenities, pubs, bars, coffee places, the Post Office are a hilly walk away (can you see there's a theme to this diet?)

4. Start a new job where you have to stand a large part of the day and which is a walking distance from public transport (preferably over a hill).

5. Be so excited about your new city life that you forget to eat. Also lose children to new jobs and universities and practise this sentence when Husband enquires about food, 'The kitchen is so small it's impossible to cook properly in there; besides I fancy sushi tonight.'

6. Instead of Inactive Internet Shopping take up Oxford Street Shopping. The stress alone of being amidst the mass of people you used to only see on TV sheds pounds from your body. Slowly meandering tourists who get in your way are the best; even your rude Finnish swearwords don't work here - but don't worry - this means more weight loss!

Having looked as closely at my finances as I have studied my new slimmer waistline I think I've practised the last point in the diet plan a little too vehemently. Obviously even without fully realising it, I've taken the considered advice of Charles Bean, the Deputy Governor of Bank of England (is it relevant that he's only the Deputy?) to spend instead of saving. Or perhaps I've found the cure to all our ills? Spend and lose weight. The Economy and the nations' heath problems all solved with one fail Helena swoop....?

OK, I'll never (again) be a racing snake, but these new Sevens are two sizes smaller than the previous pair.


Susan Erickson said...

impressive!.......walking to where you need to be makes so much sense...I love my daily dog walks. That's my meditation time and helps with the weight issue too!

Wildernesschic said...

Way to go Helena !!
I know what you mean about the dogs walking themselves.. I need to get a grip and walk them again xx
I am glad that you are happy with your city life, I always loose weight in London as I forget to eat and walk/ shop so much xx

Anonymous said...

that sounds like the most amazing diet ever. I think you should patent it ;-) I love it when you lose weight just because you're doing so many interesting things that you forget to eat.

I never really notice how much I walk here in London until I have friends over from Denmark and they start moaning and lagging behind after a few kilometres (guess they're used to getting around on their comfy bicycles).

But walking it's soooo much nicer than crammed public transport and like Susan says it's almost meditative.

North West London Girl said...

Hey you slinky thing. Your new life in NW London obviously suits you, it all sounds hugely liberating. I definitely spend much more time in the car here, particularly ferrying the herd around. Two sizes smaller, now that is something to aim for xx

Happy Frog and I said...

I too live in a place with a few hills and try and walk as much as possible, it really does work. Way to go!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helena, how fabulous. Your new diet seems to be working marvellously. I'm so pleased you're enjoying your new town life xx

Weight Loss Diet said...

Increased exercise is a great suggestion. And forced exercise is even better.

Mwa said...

You are now my diet guru. But I'm not getting a dog. You're looking great in those jeans!

Victoria said...

Fab tips for weight loss. I'm already thinking of getting a dog based on this. And looking great in your new jeans.

She Wore It Well said...

i haven't had a car for 3.5 years.. best decision i ever made! xo

She Wore It Well Blog

Make Do Style said...

City life is where it is at. Please can you teach me the Finnish swear words - it will make me feel better as I try to navigate useless walkers on Oxford St!

Sarah said...

Note to self - buy a small dog!