Thursday, 6 January 2011

Savile Rogue

I know Christmas is over and due to the VAT hike and recession and all, everyone's on a tight budget (me included), but I have to share something with you.

Especially if you live with a football fanatic - or two - or three - like I do.

You know how usually football scarves are made out of nasty acrylic and feel everything but comfortable and warm?

Well, there's a company called Savile Rogue, which sells ones made out of cashmere. (You have no idea how revolutionary this is) They come in all the major league colours and look very much like the real thing. So much so, that they are even good enough for the Englishman and allowed to adorn his, the most sensitive of necks.

Even the box looks nice

This picture doesn't really do justice to the softness of the scarf.

On top of it all, the tags look like old-fashioned football cards...this company knows their market.
Since the Englishman's also quite sensitive about not looking like a football thug, he loves the smart air (a la Roberto Mancini below) which wearing this scarf gives him, while at the same time being able to show his support for his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

I'm not sure Signor Mancini's scarf is from Saville Rogue, but it certainly looks very much like one of theirs. 
My smart football man about town


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helena, The Actor would absolutely love one of these. You're right the team stuff is dreadful and always made of acrylic. Thanks for the tip xx

Make Do Style said...

Mr MDS would to and they are divine! I'm a Spurs fan, sadly Mr MDS is across town but not Arsenal -phew! x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

These are great, will have to remember them for next xmas. OH is West Ham, Little Man Chelsea and eldest daughter Spurs. Lots of rows in my house!

Rose said...

Helena these are such a great find!

Also can you let me know the times/ days your book club meet? Thanks very much

Ruby Tuesday said...

God what a great find..... thank you, problem is I will have to buy 4 argg!!
Just as I have aid no more spending :) xx

Helena Halme said...


I've emailed you the details - hope you can make it. xx

Helena Halme said...

Sorry Ruby, I know it's the thrifty month, but this will last for a long time and it's actually quite good value...hmmm...xx