Thursday, 3 February 2011

London Life: Getting out meeting people

Picture from art of the prank website 

For the last two days I've been forced to work away from home because we've had the builders in the flat. I've decamped into the safe bubble of Soho House, and while trying delve into the deep recesses of my mind, I've not been able to resist half-listening to the conversations around me. As Jojo Moyes noted at the Shoreditch House Literary Salon yesterday evening, writers are the nosiest of people (I know Damian reminded us we were to follow Chatham House rules, but I'm sure this is not any kind of revelation).

Listening to people talk business of all kinds in the bar at Soho House (I'm a gentlewoman enough not to break the Soho House rules and kiss & tell) has, though, been a real revelation. It's got me thinking that if they can do it so can I.

Sitting alone at home with the Macbook and the terrier for company, trying to complete the daily target of 1,000 words of my latest manuscript is depressive, even in the city. Being alone anywhere seems to make my confidence slump. If it wasn't for the lovely bookshop I'm sure I'd be a manic depressive by now. Even in London, where I can get out at any time, I still actually need to go out and find people to interact with - even if it is just to eavesdrop on their conversation.

It's OK, I know I'm a strange fish indeed.


Michelle Trusttum said...

Helena - I have just followed your link to Shoreditch House Literary Salon. How amazing! London must be a phenomenal place to live at times. And yes, I do think that if they can, then you can.

Ruby Tuesday said...

My friend is a member at Shoreditch House I have always wanted to go but have not as yet managed to get there, you are living the city life , the way it should be enjoyed xx
Good luck with the book, I have just retrieved mine and a couple of short stories that I had written off my old hard drive .. huge relief xx

Mrs P said...

I am a pleb, I followed the link to the Shoreditch House Literary Salon and am salivating at the thought of a Hendricks and Tonic with cucumber (and it is only 11.15 am!)I would love a stint in London which extends beyond our lovely weekends down there, to feel what city life is really like, you are so lucky x

Make Do Style said...

I often think it is good to go out and write. Otherwise I find I get cocooned in some sort of bubble. xx

Jill Kemerer said...

Helena, I've always wanted to visit London, so your blog is a welcome distraction for me this morning! And I agree with you--book shops are lifesavers. I've moved so many times, and the first things I find are libraries and book stores.

Are there any writers' groups you could join? It's great to catch a weekly date of coffee and book chat with a fellow writer!