Saturday, 2 April 2011

London Tower Bridge

The upper walkway of the Tower Bridge in London must be one of the most stunning and unique venues to host a drinks do - or as was the case last night - the Englishman's university alumni event.

I didn't really know what to expect, and it was only as we were walking towards the bridge, that I remembered that on one of the BBC's The Apprentice series the candidates had to organise two rival events there - one of each of the covered old walkways.

This was the view of the bridge as we approached from the  South side.
The sun was just setting over the Thames when we got to the top of the bridge. Left is The Shard, one of the tallest buildings in the world being built. I don't envy the topmost crane operator, although the view from his place of work must be stunning.

This was the walkway where the drinks party was being held.

View towards the City of London.

View of the second walkway

The two walkways as seen from below.

One of the two engines which operate the opening and the closing of the bridge.

When I saw this sign on our tour of the bridge my eyes started to glaze over.

View of the Tower Bridge from the South Bank of the Thames.

After the party had wound down and we were walking along the Thames to the tube station, it struck me how lovely London is. And how much changed since I started coming here in the early Eighties. In those days you would not have dared to go South of the river late at night; whereas now it was full of families enjoying the mild weather and the stunning views of the lit-up buildings either side of the riverbank.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, Helena. It must have been quite an event. I first came to London in the early 80s too and to a young Finnish country girl it was full of wonders and oh so big and cosmopolitan. I later went to live in some of the worlds biggest metropoles, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney and didn't set foot in London for a good 20 years. Now that I am back in Europe I have had the chance to visit London a few times, and how it has changed indeed. My biggest shock was to see that the St Paul's cupola was no longer bright green as it was in 1983. And that there was something called the Canary Wharfs. But London is still wonderful and will always be. That reminds me, should start to plan a spring visit there soon.
Thank you for a lovely blog.

Hotel Tower Bridge London said...

Tower Bridge is a beautiful landmark. It shows the genius of human and is definitely worth seeing. You've done a great job presenting it to the world.

Helena Halme said...

Anne, how nice that you are reading my blog! Your life sounds fascinating.

Hotel Tower Bridge - my pleasure!