Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eurovision 2011 with Twitter

First time the Englishman and I watched Eurovision after I moved to Britain was when I was heavily pregnant with our first child. Because I was too tired to go out to the pub on a Saturday night with friends, we spent the night in front of the TV instead, marvelling at the bad costumes and terrible songs.

That was in the old days when Norway and Finland fought hard for the last place with it's 'nil point', and when the whole counting process was so long-winded people lost the will to live.  (You think it takes a long time now...!) Of course in Finland and Sweden people took the whole event much more seriously then and each country really wanted to win. Abba's Waterloo was fresh in my memory and the song and artist who came first were still guaranteed a successful European career afterwards. And everyone sang in their native language and there was no East European block voting...

Of course the Englishman thought it was the naffest thing you could do, watch Eurovision in 1987, but for some reason after that first time it became a family tradition to each year watch this European spectacle. 

This year, for the first time, we both sat in front of the TV with the addition of our Macs on our laps sending Tweets and laughing together at other people's comments on Twitter. I'm sure TweetDeck was close to crashing during the performance by Moldova. Some hats...

Moldova's contribution to this years' Eurovision song contest

The Englishman said afterwards he can't remember when he laughed so much while watching Eurovision. 

So thank you to all my Twitter friends for a fantastic night of Twittervision. (And Graham Norton was very funny too - I nearly didn't miss Terry at all). 


Mwa said...

That's funny - I was reading your Eurovision post while you were reading mine. Yours sounded more fun. :-) That's what I will do next year.

Rose said...

it is dreadful but strangely compelling too- though I confess I only watch the judges votes bit!