Saturday, 7 May 2011

House hunting in London

We were going to start our 'real life' search for a new home in North London by going to an open house viewing of a flat nearby. But when we are about to leave we realise there's no house number on the ad. Husband phones the estate agent. Our first mistake: the guy at the other end is so obnoxious that Husband ends the conversation well before it even begins. 'Don't bother,' he says. (He doesn't suffer fools gladly.)

We decide to wander off towards the area where we might want to live instead, only to be distracted by the unmistakeable smell of a BBQ coming from a nice-looking pub. After a delicious lunch with a glass of wine we're more willing to see a few spotty estate agents.

Surprise, surprise: What we are looking for is exactly what everyone else wants too. It seems demand in our corner of the market far outstrips supply.

And I naively thought the housing market was in a recession.

'Not in this part of London,' says a person in a pinstripe suit. (Dark suit in this heat?)

'Right.' I try to avoid looking at Husband. We decide to leave the hunt for a home for another week.

Where are Kirstie and Phil when you need them?


Margit said...

Oh Helena, I'm so out of the loop, I thought you'd found your dream flat in London, you always made it sound so nice, what's happened??

Helena Halme said...

Oh, that'd be telling, Margit...xx

Rose said...

when i was looking for a flat to buy I was constantly astonished (I rent now... life plans changed) I think whatever your bracket they try and make you feel like you are lucky they are dealing with you- which makes no sense at all. I am sure some of them are nice but I am yet to meet one. I always didn't appreciate all the comments about how my Father must be paying if my partner wasn't... apparently estate agents don't believe women can buy their own flats