Thursday, 16 June 2011

An Interview with me at Displaced Nation

Just a quick note to say that there's an interview with me about being a Finn and an expat in London plus much more besides on the Displaced Nation site. I've just read the piece and must say I sound pretty crazy...nothing new there, then!?

The post is here, tell me what you think?


Bird in the Bush said...

Just read this (and commented!)

Lovely interview and thank you for reminding me of the awesome word "Kippis" which I was taught by a lovely Finnish man once upon a time... *sigh*

Bird x

Just Add Attitude said...

You sound totally sane to me in the entertaining interview. Of course I realize in this topsy turvy catch 22 world of ours, that could mean you are in fact crazy. Love the blog.

ML Awanohara said...

Thanks so much, Helena, for putting in an application to The Displaced Nation. I really enjoyed interviewing you -- until now, I hadn't realized you were what they call a Third Culture Kid, growing up in a place that wasn't your homeland. That explains a lot, don't you think?

To Helena's many followers (of which I'm one, long predating my involvement with The Displaced Nation blog): please do come in and vote "yay" for her on our site. We'd love to have your participation!

~ML Awanohara
on behalf of The Displaced Nation

Olli Miekka said...

Good interview, Helena. And you sound normal to me, though I guess being a somewhat displaced person myself, who am I to judge?

PS: Unfortunately for me, "Kippis" is too close for comfort to the French "qui pisse" ("who pisses"), which I suppose is a by product of drinking...