Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What I'm selling on eBay

As the weather's recently got quite autumnal I decided to start my annual summer to winter wardrobe sort out. At the end of the season I'm quite strict with myself and put summer in boxes and bring out the stuff that I've put away last spring, and vice versa for the winter clothes. This twice-a-year ritual is quite good for several reasons: it makes me look at my old clothes and accessories in a completely new light: every time there are several garments I've forgotten about. If things still fit me, the whole process makes me feel pretty good about myself - if they are loose, even better (this has only happened on one occasion years ago, but I live in hope). Finally, it's a way of discarding things which I've just not worn, or are past their best, or too tight (ouch) or too loose (jippee).

While going through my wardrobe at the weekend, I saw a couple of items that although I absolutely love, I just have never worn. Both are new and never worn: an Issa top and a pair of Parisian slouchy boots. Perfect for eBay!

Slouchy Yellow Mellow boots, on sale here 

Issa silk jersey wrap-over top, on sale here

Wish me luck with the rest of my wardrobe reorganisation!


Cheryl said...

Before I moved I got rid of a ton of stuff I never used or wore. A lesson in thinking twice before I buy.

Then again thank goodness for places like Ebay and Amazon where, even if you do succombe to temptation, you hopefully don't have to pay too much for it.

Joanne said...

I do the same semi-annual process and never find a piece that qualifies for more than the Goodwill. But I keep remembering grandaughters, "Can I have this, grandma?" Hmmmm...

l0ve0utl0ud said...

I LOVE sorting out my clothes (and possessions in general). Since moving to France I have barely half a wardrobe of garments! Those boots are beautiful..I hope they're my size ;)