Thursday, 1 September 2011

House rules

While going through some old files today I came across a note which, for years, was stuck to the fridge door in our old house. I think I posted The House Rules one day when coming home from work, tired, and finding the kitchen a mess, with several teenagers lounging in the TV room oblivious to my arrival. Or to anything, really.

You can tell I start the note being fairly calm and get more frustrated as I go on, thinking about all the things that need doing in the house.

Here's the transcript:

Everyone's Duties - House Rules

1. Keep decks clear (you can tell I was a naval wife once upon a time...)
2. Always make sure there is a plastic bag lining any dustbin.
3. Empty your laundry basket.
4. Use your laundry basket.
5. Put dishes into dishwasher.
6. Put dishwasher on if full.
7. Empty clean dishwasher  - somebody has to do it!
8. Keep kitchen tidy!
9. Don't collect dirty glasses & mugs & crockery in your room - it breeds bacteria.
10. Under the bed is not a large cupboard...

In our new flat there's no need for rules as it's mostly just the Englishman and me here. Now I almost miss those days of a house-full of floppy youngsters, always hungry, always tired, leaving a trail of crockery and dirty washing behind them...actually, come to think of it, I don't at all!


Mwa said...


I have a feeling I should apply all of the above to myself today. So much to do, and the kids still too little to empty the dishwasher without breaking all my plates...

Crosby Kenyon said...

Lists run our lives, don't they? We wake up every day with an internal list, at the very least.