Thursday, 22 September 2011

Spatone: A Great Iron Supplement

As those of you who've been reading my posts lately know, I've been recovering from an op and feeling a little down. Plus I've had no energy whatsoever.

Someone clever (Son's Girlfriend) suggested  that I may be a little anaemic. Stupidly this hadn't even occurred to me. It's almost as if I'd not spent much of my teenage years being anaemic. Then later, both times when I was pregnant, I spent long spells on iron supplements. Doh!

Then I remembered the side effect of taking iron. (I'll whisper it: constipation). Just what I needed when I already had more fat and ugly days than thin and beautiful ones. But to my rescue came The Englishman (bless him). He found this product when  shopping at Waitrose.

When I opened the first Spatone packet I must admit I thought, 'We've been had.' The contents looked just like London tap water. But when I tasted it, I could tell there was iron in the product. A lot of it. To drown the tangy taste I followed the recommendation on the packet and mixed the water with juice.

Spatone with cranberry juice is quite drinkable, if you like cranberry that is.
And ladies, the reason for this post: the product has made a real difference to me. After a week taking the iron supplement in this form, I feel so much more energetic. I don't constantly crave rare steak or liver. And, more crucially, it's had no adverse effect on my body.


Spatone costs £7.49 for 28 sachets. For those living in the UK, Spatone is included in the 3 for 2 vitamin supplement offer at Boots.

This is not a sponsored post.


Mrs P said...

Hi Helena, glad you are feeling better, if you don't like the taste of Spatone, Floradix is a delicious elixir which you can buy with or without iron and I would really recommend trying it x

Kate said...

Second the floradix. It looks like houseplant food from the 1970's, but works wonders. Also no, ahem, binding issues.

Mrs Trefusis... said...

Spatone is a miracle product - I LOVE it. I discovered it when pregnant and very very anaemic and I go back to it whenever i'm feeling a bit sluggish. I found Floradix much more delicious but less speedy in its boosting effects.

Imogen said...

I'm not sure I'd agree that Floradix is delicious, exactly; an interesting flavour perhaps but an odd one, with citrus-peel-y and bitter-medicinal overtones... Both it and Spatone are brilliant. So glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

amazing what a little iron can do to your overall wellbeing and energy levels! I have been taking Spatone and i'm really impressed with its effects and I've recently discovered that they launched a flavoured version with apple which tastes pretty much likes apple juice - you can hardly even taste the iron, so pretty good really!