Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Same old, same old

Do you sometimes feel that you want to wear the same clothes all the time? Especially when the nights draw in and it gets cold outside, I become a hermit, not just in mind, but also in what I wear. And when I find something that I'm comfortable in, like this poncho below, I find myself putting it on day after day. 

I love this simple garment mainly because it's made of the softest cashmere, but also because it's so versatile. I can wear it several ways, even as a scarf, which makes it handy for wearing under winter coats.

Which brings me to my second current obsession - my new Barbour.

Cashmere poncho and Barbour worn together.
All I can say, as once again I decide on the poncho and Barbour combo for tonight's meeting of West End Lane Crooks (I'm not such a hermit after all...), I'm glad I'm not the only busy woman who finds herself wearing the same old, same old, day after day. Some of us even make a fashion statement out of it....

Sofie Gråbol as Sarah Lund in 'The Killing'.
(I can't wait for the second series of this Danish cult TV crime series. It starts here in the UK later this month. Bring it on, sexy jumper wearing Sofie Gråbol! )

1 comment:

Alison Cross said...

That garment is uber-classy and if I owned one I'd be wearing it to DEATH!

I did own a Barbour and I did wear it until even the pockets had worn through - so ENJOY!!!!

Now, Sophie's sweater IS like something in my cupboard..... I think my mum is already watching the second series? Or has she just got confused? Second option quite likely!