Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New jeans love: Nudie Jeans

I love shopping at Liberty's store in London (although my credit cards don't), and every time I'm in town for a meeting I suddenly find myself in this fantastic store. I don't quite understand how it happens....

This time, as well as drooling over the new deliveries of designer handbags and jewellery on the ground floor, I decided to take a look at women's wear on the first floor. Since putting on some weight after my small op, I have really struggled to get into my (not so) small collection of 7 For Mankind jeans.

I know, tears have been shed.

Feeling brave after an excellent meeting about cashmere (more about that later), I decided that it was time to get a new pair of jeans that actually fitted me. I know (hmm) that I will lose the weight as soon as I get my fat bottom into the gym, but in the meantime I need something to wear. (Just to be clear; I wasn't out shopping in my knickers; I've been recycling my Uniqlo jeans that are so ancient they'd fit an old sow, but are now, alas, showing signs of wear an tear.)

But, ladies and gentlemen, it is not easy to shop jeans for a big backside. After half an hour sweating and cursing in the sweet smelling changing rooms at Liberty's, I finally found a pair that didn't make my midriff into an Essex muffin top, or make my legs look like a pair of particularly lumpy sausages.

The make was new to me: Nudie Jeans. When the friendly shop assistant told me they were from Sweden, I wasn't surprised. I have always fitted in H&M trousers - their cut seems just right for my form. The black High Kai slim fitting jeans are good quality cotton and will according to the blurb form into 'a second skin'. After wearing them for half a day, I can already feel that they have stretched and are very comfortable.

I'm hoping they'll also double up as a day to evening trouser. With court shoes and a glittery top I think I can hide my extra kilos from those prying eyes at the forthcoming Christmas drinks dos.

As long as you don't tell anyone.

Nudie High Kai Skinny Black Jeans cost £96-00 and are sold at as well as at Liberty's store in London and online. 


LittleBrownBird said...

Great jeans Helena. I think my curvy bottom & I might be heading to Liberty ;)

Helena Halme said...

Thank you - I recommend the brand, I've worn the jeans all day and they already feel like the oldest pair I own. xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I have the same problem with my beloved 7s - I have put on weight and the low rise is really no longer flattering. Damn my mid-30s and my copious wine consumption! It's either exercise or new jeans...