Saturday 5 May 2012

First day of the Crouch End Festival

In pictures:

Festival beer and scotch eggs at The Maynard Arms

Guerilla Bunting gang had been at A Special Interest, one of the Barboot locations.

Me with Wendy Saunders whose wonderful paintingsN adorned the walls of Oddbins.
Barboot at The Haberdashery 

It's all in the detail: the light switch at Haberdashery Cafe loos

The nibbles kept the Englishman happy.
Live music
Next stop: Down for the Count at The Music Palace
This group of revellers showed us you're never too old to party. These OAP's (aged from 67 to 71!!!) treated us all to several professional sets of swing dancing. 
From left: Keith Madden, Anthony (who was recovering from a hip and back operation) and Linda Dalton and Marilyn Madden. 
Towards eleven o'clock the dance floor became crowded.
I am so tired from last night and suffering a little from my bad shoulder, so it's a mainly visual post today. Enough to say I thoroughly enjoyed the first night of the festival and cannot wait to see and do more over the weekend. With most events being free (The Music Palace charged us £4 each which was the only entrance fee we paid last night), this is truly recession busting fun.

Details of all Crouch End Festival events online here.


westendmum said...

OMG Helena, I've just read your: 'How I came to be in England', and I'm hooked, so I jumped over to this site to find out where your englishman was... and there you are, literaly down the hill from me!
Where is your englishman????

Unknown said...

Westendmum, a digital version of How I Came to be, renamed as The Englishman is going to come out in about 4 weeks…email me & let you know the details!

Helena xx

Anonymous said...

I just thought to have a quick look at your blog 'How I came to be in England' but I could'n stop reading! I read it with a great interest as another Nordic :) Looking forward to see the rest.

Nordic from Crouch End

Unknown said...

Oh thank you, fellow Nordic!