Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wedding hair

Today a friend's son is going to marry his beautiful bride here in London. As a treat for us girls who are not going to wed their princes today, we had our hair done at my favourite salon, Rossano Ferretti.

A relaxing hair wash and scalp massage started the proceedings off.
My colour was done last week by Clare with the fabulously natural looking balayage method so I also wanted a natural looking hairstyle with soft curls which would last until late evening. Not an easy task. But for my stylist today, Simon, achieving this look below was almost run-off-the-mill.

Half done
And finished product
Daughter went for an up do - with her natural brown curly hair this style is perfect. (The amount of times I heard, 'You have so much hair!' as the stylist worked on her locks)

Son's girlfriend on the other hand, wanted a semi-up do, and it looked fabulous. She too has incredible, naturally shiny, hair.

Those locks!
But now I must hurry, the taxi is coming in 45 minutes to take us to the wedding!


Tania Kindersley said...

Helena - GREAT hair. I have a dull housekeeping thing. I did, as you suggested, redo your blog address on my blogroll. But however many times I typed in www.helenahalme.com, it kept linking to your accountancy page rather than your blog. Incredibly annoying question, but do you have any clue as to why this might be? I so want you on the blogroll and now am stymied. Thanks so much, Tania

Metropolitan Mum said...

I love getting my hair done. There's a salon that does blow dries only in SW3 and another one in N1 (blow bar). Have you been? Dxx

Helena Halme said...

Tania, thank you for letting me know! There was a problem with the helenahalme site before, but I thought I'd sorted it out. It's to do how it loops from my we provider to wordpress to blogspot…boring, boring. Thank you for trying, what you could do is to have the address as www.helenahlme.blogspot.com which should still work, while I try to sort the problem out.

You're so kind to have me on your blogroll without these problems!

Helena xx

Helena Halme said...

Metropolitan Mum,

I've never heard of the blow bars - definitely something for me to try out! Thank you for the tip!

Helena (with a slight headache after a fab and long wedding party) xx