Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Federer at Wimbledon in the London Olympics

Two happy campers!
Daughter and I managed to get a pair of last minute Olympic tickets to see the tennis at Wimbledon. Before the day, we had no idea who we were going to see, nor what kind of seats we'd have on Centre Court. All the same, we were more than  excited. Daughter had never been to Wimbledon, and I'd only been once more than ten years ago when some delightful clients of ours gave us a pair of Centre Court tickets.

This time, we decided to leave home early, as the recommended journey from Crouch End took us via Vauxhall. We, however, met with no crowds, just helpful staff both at the Wimbledon station, village as well as at the venue itself.

When we got to Wimbledon, our first thought was to find out who we were going to see. We both whooped for joy when we saw Federer on the board. When we found our seats were level with the Royal Box at the other end of the court, we were just amazed.

And when Federer and Benneteau came on court, the atmosphere on Centre Court was electrifying. Daughter whispered, 'We're close enough to smell Federer!' What a pleasure it was to watch the two master players fight it out. It's just a shame in the Olympics the matches are shorter, and with Federer's masterful strokes, he easily won in two straight sets.
Wimbledon station wasn't too crowded.
The day's play
Swiss fans were all out for their star
This is how close to the court we were!
Benneteau serving. 
Seppi and Del Potro having a rest.  
To cap it all, we even caught Federer waving to the crowds after he was interviewed on the balcony of the players area. We swooned. (And I forgot to take a picture!)

Today we're off to see the women's gymnastics at the North Greenwich Arena (or O2 as it's known here in London).  Let's hope Team GB do as well as their male counterparts did yesterday.

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