Thursday, 1 August 2013

Another 5:2 Diet Update

Today is my second fast day this week, but I haven't been so very good lately…

Since the start of summer, I've had weeks when I haven't even managed one fast day and unfortunately this shows. I've gone up four kilos, so my total loss is now at a mere 4 kilos since I started the Fast Diet about a year ago.

The reasons behind my fall from grace have been many.

Holidays are always a hard time to do a fast, and to be honest, in Provence I didn't even really try. How can you fast when your family are all expert cooks in their field? We have a master baker, a Spanish drinks expert and the rest are just general foodies. And there was an outdoor BBQ, and we were surrounded by vineyards. My love of French rose and champagne is well known.

Another reason may be that the Englishman, having lost the weight he intended to, is now permanently on the 6:1 regime, and annoyingly, he seems to be able to do it even on holiday. Having the bloody extra 100 calories helps, I'm sure! (Men do have it easy in every way, right???) Because I've been on my own for the second fast day in the week I've found it more difficult to stick to the 500 calories. Even if the Englishman's routine shouldn't matter to me, it does.

But I hate the feeling I get from having that extra weight back on, so I am again determined to try to lose the additional bulge, hence it's strictly back to 2 fast days per week!

I'm lucky that Daughter is now at home and also on the 5:2. She has a steely determination (where did she get that from??), which helps. And then there's this wonderfully active Facebook group, so I should be fine, right?

Makes a 'Scream' face.


liz said...

Dear Helena,
Thanks for the update and thanks to you I discovered the 5/2 diet and I had lost five kilos between November and April and since then have not followed the diet because of various weak excuses but fortunately didn't put any weight back on even though I wasn't being too careful (sorry not bragging, I have way more to lose than you do), so glad you've brought the subject up, I have to go back on it properly as have been doing it half heartedly for about a week now, Keep up the willpower and best of luck!
Regards liz from Paris

Helena Halme said...

Hi Liz,

Well done on keeping the weight off! I just need to look at wine & chocolate and I put on weight!

Today is nearly over, I am being strong & looking forward to my poached chicken with tomato salsa supper.


liz said...

sounds delicious, bon appétit!