Monday, 10 November 2014

Running on coffee...

It was strong coffee for me this morning...

I hope you're all having a great Monday.

Last week I was struck down by a nasty bug, and was at home feeling sorry for myself, but now I'm a lot better and back at work, still feeling a bit tired, so running mainly on strong coffee (which my fellow Finns at the Finn-Guild office have on tap).

I do need to be on top form, because this is going to be a busy week, not least because on Saturday at Finn-Guild we'll be hosting some brave souls who are going to attend our Intensive Finnish Course in Camden. On Sunday (16th November) I'll be the Indie Authors Fair at the Chorleywood Litfest. More details about the Festival here.

Today I'm also over at the Alliance of Independent Authors Self-published Advice blog talking about writing and second careers. You can read my post here. Do leave a comment, whether you agree with me or not. I love a good discussion.

Have a great week, and wish me luck with the Litfest!

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