Wednesday 26 August 2009

A fashion post from me

I'm a fashion addict, but I fully accept that I don't know enough to blog about it, so I usually don't. But I could not help pointing out the beauty of this dress.

Net-a-Porter fashion editors describe it as,
'Stella McCartney's dark yet demure black stretch-wool lace-detailed dress is a super-feminine LBD that's perfect for a sophisticated cocktail look.'

This does not go far enough. The dress is a work of art. The lace teamed up with black wool is both beautifully contrasting and practical. The zip detail at the back continues this naughty but nice theme to perfection. The ruffle adds a romantic air. It's stylish, fun and sexy all at the same time. Total perfection. Unfortunately it's quite out of my price range.


Wildernesschic said...

Helene treat yourself its a beaut. They never date and you will feel amazing wearing it. But then I am a terrible influence and like me you probably dont always have the occasions .. but maybe you have ?

Unknown said...

If I did have an occasion coming up I would be buying it now. But no, I don't, more's the pity. And even for me it is quite pricey...xx

Style At Every Age said...

What do you mean you don't know enough to blog about it? neither do I! Everything I have seen that you have either bought or like, is ultra stylish and we love seeing what you like!

Mrs Jones said...

It may well be beautiful but you'd need to have absolutely no boobs at all to be able to wear it. There's nothing less bewitching than being able to see the three foot wide straps of your (and by 'your', of course I mean 'my') box girder supporting bra through the translucent back. And if you don't wear one, everyone will suddenly wonder why your knees have got so big.

Unknown said...

LF40s, I don't know anything, trust me.

Mrs Jones, you raise a question I hadn't considered (see comment above). I would have to go without, unlucky as I am in that department. Nough said, me thinks.

WC, I had a good thought, there’s all the Christmas parties…I know it’s only August but a girl needs to be prepared?