Tuesday 12 January 2010

Frozen Brain

OK, so moving my office from the small but cosy room upstairs to The Room With A View possibly wasn't such a brilliant idea after all. At least not in sub-zero temperatures. The conservatory where I'm now supposed to work has a massive radiator pushing out heat at full blast, nicely warming up the birds, and the one insistent mole out in the garden. None of it seems to stay inside to warm my frozen fingers and brain cells. (Can they freeze - answers on a postcard please). The windows all around me, which on a summer's day afford a beautiful view across the rolling fields and hills beyond, are so called double glazed, but not up to the current weather it seems.

'It's all about heat loss,' says husband.

I didn't undertake this excursion of desk, pc and boxes and boxes of files (how did it all fit into that small space above???) on a whim. No, this is part of a carefully costed and drafted plan to tart up the house for a sale later on in the year. I feel like a pimp as I cast a cold eye (excuse the pun) over what we should and shouldn't spend money on.

'People expect quality finishes nowadays,' says (younger than son) Estate Agent.

I feel tired, cold and miserable and it's only Day One of the three month Changing Rooms. Where's the spirit of Carol Smiley when one needs it. I felt more like Frozen Smiley when I greeted the builders this morning. That reminds me, must make them a cup of coffee...ten sugars was it?


That's Not My Age said...

Hi Helena,
Love the blog, I found you via LLG. I think my brain froze about 5 years ago - so it is possible! We live in an old fifties mansion block, so I know all about heat loss. I can highly recommend Uniqlo's heat tech range of thermal tops, a pair of fingerless gloves and two pairs of socks. Keep warm.

Style At Every Age said...

It will all be worth it in the end but I am sorry you feel so awful on day one of the make over! xx

TheOnlineStylist said...

Brain cells can most definitely freeze... at least I hope so otherwise I have no excuse whatsoever for losing a basket of washing and the dishcloth today!

Cheryl said...

It looks like a dream office to me. What I wouldn't do for windows like that!

Do you have any space heaters?

Anonymous said...

On Googling 'frozen brain cells', it turns out that:
a) yes, they can, because that's how some scientists reconstructed the 1918 flu virus;
b) your blog is one of Google's top 10 results for 'frozen brain'.

Unknown said...

Hamshireflyer, that is so interesting, about the brain I mean (and also that I'm amongst the top ten -never doubted it for a moment...).

Cheryl, Husband tells me a portable heater would reduce the output of the radiator as it thinks the room is warmer. 'But it isn't', I replied, but he'd left the room.

Not My Age and ThatGirl39, my brain froze sometime ago (in the not literal sense)

Fab,I'm been complaining about the state of the house for years (13 to be exact) and now the works have started I hate it. Perhaps wearing leopard print would make me feel happier? Just joking.


Vodka Mom said...

let's swap places. You come teach 25 kindergarten children, and I'LL work in England.


North West London Girl said...

Hi Helena,
I think good news is finally here. The big freeze is over (or will be very soon), hooray we can all come out of our many layers and be able to move freely again. xx