Monday 18 January 2010

Stupid but so funny...

I'm sure this clip has done the rounds many times over, but it always makes
me loll about laughing. At the weekend after a few more units than a non-drinking
January would warrant (I fell off the wagon in a rather spectacular fashion on Friday),
you only needed to mention the word 'sinking' and we were stupid with hilarity.
Apologies for any advertising I might condone - I know for a fact there are other providers
of the service mentioned.



Anonymous said...

Still can't stop laughing!
What exactly do you mean with too many units? Surely not Finnish Units?

Metropolitan Mum said...

This is so mean. LOL

TheOnlineStylist said...

Absolutely nothing to do with this post at all Helene but I just started reading your How I Came To Be In England, parts 1 to 14. I am so hooked - it's fantastic. I shut up for a whole fifteen minutes! Just wanted to say how wonderfully you write and I'll be back to catch up on some more tomorrow!

So Lovely said...

It still makes me giggle. A friend sent it to me a couple of years ago after we worked on the same movie together. Every day we would be in hysterics as the director was Italian, didn't speak a lick of English and the entire crew was English (we were shooting in Manhattan). We would communicate with a messy sort of sign language; the director was so annoyed that no-one spoke Italian - well I did a little but didn't let on. x

North West London Girl said...

Oh dear that is very funny, I'm still chuckling to myself xx

mermaid gallery said...

Cracked a smile on a sleepy face. thanks!

Unknown said...

Anon., yes, think they might have been Finnish units. Lost the ability to count fairly early on.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my story, Thatgirl39. More on the way.

And I'm so glad you share my sense of humour, people!

Helena xx

Marguerite said...

Hilarious! I know quite a few who are falling off the wagon, lately. Cheers!