Sunday 25 April 2010

Same old, same old...

large product image Some of the presents for my birthday were envelopes containing hard cash. I have absolutely nothing against this,  even if it smacks of teenager presents. I love having an amount to spend just on myself, as I have a very specific style and taste, which sometimes may be difficult to understand by even those nearest and closest to me. (This time my immediate family were absolutely spot on; besides I'd never admit it even to myself if they got it wrong...)

With my specific taste comes a specific problem. I rarely see things that are just right for me. When I do find something, particularly clothing, that a) fits, b) is beautiful, c) the right fabric, d) on trend, e) not too old or too young (see the problem..?), I am very tempted to get several in different colours. Which, in my book, is the most boring thing to do.

(Husband says it's a miracle I manage to spend as much money on clothes as I do.)

Last summer in Rome I was asked by one of my friends to buy her another, identical, pair of shoes she'd bought that day. They were by Car Shoe, who make the most comfortable shoes ever, but they don't have any shops in Finland. She was leaving for Helsinki early the next day whereas I was staying on in Rome for a couple of days longer. To my shame I gave her such lecture for being boring by buying two pairs of exactly the same shoe, she gave up on the idea. A few days later, feeling very guilty, I realised I have similar tendencies.

I've written before about my jeans addiction. Over and over again, I'll buy the same make and style. I try to vary the colour, but really always veer towards a dark denim. I have two summer dresses in my wardrobe exactly the same by Nougat but in two different colours. I cannot tell you how many Agnes B black jersey no-iron dresses, skirts and trousers I own, nor how many black dresses by different designers in basically the same silk jersey design I have. Not to mention James Perse T-shirts. I think I have 4 of the same model but thankfully in different colours. Owning a number of almost identical white shirts I think I can be excused for, as well as for the number of black straight trousers hanging on the rail. These basics are for work after all.

large product imageBut...recently I bought a Cozy silk and cashmere DKNY cardigan in navy. I've worn it so much that when I saw a shorter version come up on Net-a-Porter in sand, I jumped at the chance to spend some of my birthday money to buy it. It was only when the black NAP box arrived when I realised what a boring present I'd bought myself. (Though it's absolutely lovely and will go brilliantly with all of my black dresses or white shirts and jeans...)

Then, shopping in Bath, I saw the same pair of shoes from Dune that I bought for my trip to Rome last year. Thankfully, since I paid the full price, the model was never on sale. Now they've come out with a tan version. The shoes are little like gladiators, with a zip at the back and a low wedge heel. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and are perfect for a summer's day. I've also had many compliments on these shoes from my daughter's and son's friends, so I'm fairly confident they are on trend. And they're not too expensive and would go perfectly with a tan Miu Miu bag I've had for some time. (So Husband, I'd be SAVING money by reducing the need for a new handbag). But can I buy the same pair of shoes again, as well as same dresses, T-shirts etc.?

Or is is this one of the signs of being over the hill (what an absolutely AWFUL expression, apologies for using it), now I'm over a certain age (no, I can't say it out loud)?

Or does just the fact that I'm worrying about this mean I am such a spoiled B*tch that I should be put on a  diet of bread and water and no shopping for a week to realise how lucky I am that I can AFFORD to be a serial multi-buy shopper? Because I do think no shopping for a week would actually almost kill me. (OK so don't answer that question above. I know what I am... )


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Money to go shopping would be welcome at any time in my world!! But how is it that it's never enough? Plus the more I shop the more I WANT to shop?

North West London Girl said...

It's brilliant to find something that works for you, and think of it this way, being so exposed to such choice of clothes, if we sampled every single pair of jeans, t-shirt, black dress, white shirt etc, on the market we would spend our entire lives trying to make a decision, so when at last we find something that works it just saves us time and energy...x

That's Not My Age said...

I love the sand DKNY wrap cardi - I'm sure it looks fab with your jeans. Buying two of the same thing doesn't mean that you're over the hill, it just means that you know when something suits it's worth having in a couple of colourways. You'll get plenty of mileage out of all your basics - much better than frittering money on stuff you're not going to wear.

Wildernesschic said...

I dont think you are boring I think you know what suits you, you need a certain quality and you are wardrobe clever... fewer mistakes that way .. Who wants exiting purchases that end up in a bag for a friend..nobody apart from the recipient of the mistake :)
I also have the DKNY cardigan I bought it when I was with Chicmama the first time in the January sales for £60 in pale cream and I have worn it a lot and have had so many compliments over it too.. I would say it was a wise choice xxx

Unknown said...

Huh,huh, I'm so glad you all agree I'm just being practical. But sometimes I wish I'd live more dangerously...xx

Julie Sardinetin said...

I don't think you are boring either - I would love to have a wardrobe full of stuff that goes together, that fits me and that suits me. I used to be a terrible impulse shopper, and end up buying things that are a little bit random, then get them home and discover I have nothing to wear them with (some might see this as an excuse to go out and buy something else!)

Since having children I don't get as much shopping time any more, so most of it also starting to look old and well worn. My new year's resolution this year was to start throwing some of it out and start putting together more of a grown-up, capsule wardrobe. I am therefore going to use you as inspiration ;-)

Anonymous said...

I made the promise not to shop until November. I lasted 3 days. Back to the drawing board. Love your post.