Monday 28 June 2010

Timing is the secret of good comedy - or even tragedy

We've had a wobbly couple of days. On top of the Big Move and associated nerve-wrecking arrangements, not to mention the bloody football (I won't), last Wednesday daughter noticed a lump on our ten-year-old Labrador's flank. We all felt it and husband and I were astonished we hadn't spotted it before: it was the size of a tennis ball. On top of that everyone said Pretzel had lost weight too.

Last Thursday's visit to the vet's made things worse. The diagnosis was a very probable tumour; they'd do a biopsy on Monday to see if it was malignant, in other words cancerous. Our forever-hungry Labrador needed to be starved the night before. As it is, every morning when he gets fed he acts as if he's never had any food in his life. It's the only time he ever growls at our other dog, the plucky Border Terrier who often tries to eat his mate's food as well as his own.

The day of the biopsy was today, but we didn't expect any news as the sample would be sent to the lab and all we'd get back is a poorly dog, one that would probably not want to ever visit the vet's practise ever again.

We got the phone call at quarter past two to say he was ready. 'Don't worry it's not bad news, the vet would just like to talk to you when you collect Pretzel,' the veterinary nurse said. I didn't even ask; we were expecting a week long wait for results.

All weekend I'd been thinking that our lovely Labrador would still be poorly whatever the results when we were due to move, in only three weeks' time.

But there is a Dog God after all. When we collected Pretzel it was thoroughly good news: the lump was a lymphoma, a harmless fat ball, after all. 'It's something Labs suffer from,' our friend the vet said. 'But otherwise he's a very fit and healthy dog.'

All that's visible from the drama is a dog feeling very sorry for itself, in a collar with a sock on one paw to stop  any scratching. And of course a lack of lump, replaced by a neat set of stitches.



North West London Girl said...

What a relief, poor gorgeous creature, will no doubt now being feeling very sorry for himself xx

Amy said...

I love Pretzel's face in pic 2, "it isn't enough that you give me a ridiculous haircut and make me wear clothes, now you're taking a photo to put on the Internet" harumph!!

Razmataz said...

My two labs both had lipomas and it is amazing how big they can grow. My chocolate boy sadly developed Leukemia and we lost him last year. We decided not to treat him as it would have meant many days of missing his breakfast, (among other things) and as you know that is most difficult for a labrador.

I am thrilled for you that you received good news about your boy.

Wildernesschic said...

I did leave a comment on this yesterday but its hasnt come up..
I really feel for you as you know we went through this with our lab pup a month or so ago, it was a mast cell tumour but thankfully benign.
I am so glad that your is ok too.
Still sorry that you are unable to come tomorrow .. meet you next time .. I will just turn up on the doorstep if you are in London xx

Anonymous said...

Awww, this post brought tears to my eyes. I grew up with a Golden Retriever and have a soft spot for dogs. (You'll often find me running around London's parks trying to get to pet other people's dogs).

Pretzel has the cutest face and I'm so happy to hear that he's going to be fine :-)

PV Lundqvist said...

I have a weakness for sick pets. There's something about not being able to explain it to them, how they are completely vulnerable, that always gets me.

I'm so happy everything turned out well for you.

Sensible Footwear said...

Oh that face .. and the sock on his paw. He's so lovely.
I'm all tear'd up reading this. Glad he's on the mend.

Marguerite said...

So glad that it turned out well for Pretzel and for you. That photo is priceless!

Unknown said...

There is a silver lining for Pretzel as he now gets fed three times per day and gets a lot of cuddles and attention.

The Terrier is not impressed.

Helena xx

Anonymous said...

Poor dog, hope he'll recover soon.
I remember when our late cat had to wear a similar (but of course smaller) collar. She looked just miserable, and found her repeatedly stuck under the kitchen table and chairs. Oh dear.


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Ah!! Bless Pretzel with his lampshade on! So glad he's ok. It's such a worry! He is beautiful! xx