Tuesday 19 October 2010

My All New Book Club

I am so excited about my new book group in London. The first meeting is going to be held at England's Lane Books next week. We are going to be talking about Naomi Alderman's The Lessons. It's  a story about a set of undergraduates in Oxford, and deals with money, love and sex. And students. Should give us something to talk about?

Naomi Alderman's first novel, 'Disobedience' won many literary prizes, including The Orange Award for New Writers.

The Lessons is her second novel and was published earlier this year. According to the blurb it's a 'spellbinding novel about shattered hopes, destructive love and dark family secrets'. It'll be very interesting to see what the first ever book group at England's Lane Books think.

The friendly people at England's Lane Books tell me the novel has been selling like hotcakes. I hope the discussion about the book will be equally heated. Now if only I could find my copy amongst the stacks of books on the floor in our new flat....

If you can make it to the launch of the group, you will be very welcome. I know many of you live very far away from London, but there are already some of you, my blogger friends, who have promised to be there. It'll be wonderful to meet you in Real Life and to cap it all be able to talk about books!

We'll start at 7.30 pm on Thursday the 28th October at the shop on 41 England's Lane, London NW3 4YD.

I cannot wait!


Anonymous said...

wohoo, me neither!
see you (IRL) next week :-)

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

I shall look forward to hearing your review of this book. Maybe its one we can add to our book club here in NL. And how lovely to hold your meeting in a bookshop too. Enjoy.

Mwa said...

Oh I wish I wish I wish.

Fickle Cattle said...

I've never been in a book club weirdly enough. I think I'll join one. It must be fun.


Unknown said...

Mette, I hope it'll be great. The book shop reports much interest and I'm now worrying about having enough chairs, wine & glasses!

Victoria, watch this space, I will do a review of all comments and views here soon.

Mwa, I wish, I wish too.

Fickle Cattle, Thank you for dropping by. Book clubs are great fun - I'm not intending to take it too seriously...if people haven't got time to read the book they can still come along to hear the discussion. Besides, usually the talk veers to other books and life in general anyway. So it's just a great evening's get-together, really.

Helena xx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh I wish Edward and I could join you.
He loves book clubs, as do I.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Sounds exciting. I have never been part of a book club - although I love talking about books. Maybe something to consider for the future... especially as NW3 is around the corner from where I live. x

Jaana said...

Thank you for a great evening with inspiring conversation, I will be back!
I especially enjoyed the discussion about the role of the food in the book.