Monday 14 March 2011

My Nordic Adventure - Part One: Helsinki Airport

They're working on the terminals at Helsinki airport so many of the shops were boarded up. There was only one thing to do to pass the time between flights.

Finnish lager

And a salad to keep the calories down...

I was rather surprised to find there was a menu in honour of the late Finnish military leader, Mannerheim. He's quite the hero figure in recent Finnish history, all the same I found it a little strange that he should be so celebrated at an international airport. The menu looked good, though.

I was tempted by this Mannerheim menu - in memory of the Finnish military leader. 

And this is what it looked like when I was up in the air once more on my way to Kittilä in the Finnish Lapland.


VEG said...

I was only in Finland for 2 days and I never left Helsinki, but I loved it there even though it was sort of shameful how everyone's English was better than mine and it's my first language. :) Finnish lager. Yum! It's hard finding any interesting foreign beers here since all the liquor in my province is government controlled therefore everywhere sells the same stuff. Usual big brands. No interesting interlopers.

Ruby Tuesday said...

God that beer looks good .. I love a cold beer xx

Anonymous said...

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