Friday 29 November 2013

The Englishman is now available in paperback!

The paperback copy of The Englishman is finally here! My copies of the novel arrived on Thursday and you may imagine this caused some jubilation in Halme Towers. I very nearly gave this lovely (though a little embarrassed) delivery man a kiss and hug...

Signed copies of the book can now be found at my favourite bookshop in London, West End Lane Books, but they'll soon be popping up all over town.

The lovely Joey sold the 1st even bookshop
copy of The Englishman! Way to go!
The Englishman will also be available at Finn-Guild offices in Camden, where tomorrow there will be a Finnish book sale. And to celebrate the publication of the paperback copy, all Finn-Guild members can get the copy at the discounted price of £5-00. So, not only will you get the book at a lower price, but you will also help Finn-Guild, because £1-00 of each copy will go to support this worthwhile charity. 

If, however, you cannot get to London, do not fear! You can order your copy of The Englishman paperback online (but shh, don't tell those nice folks at West End Lane Books!). Just follow the link here.

277 West End Lane
London NW6 1QS
Tel: 020 7431 3770

Second Hand Book Sale
Saturday 30 November at 11 am to 2 pm
1A Mornington Court
Mornington Crescent
London NW1 7RD
Tel. +44 (0) 20 7387 3508

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