Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The real work starts

While waiting for any news about my latest literary efforts, I have decided to try to earn some real money. (My partner is delighted) So I spent last week setting up the all new Halme Accountancy. I am enjoying going back to the day job so far.

My intention is to leave a day or two ( and weekends) to writing while the rest is dedicated to my former career as an accountant. I'm going to help a couple of businesses with cash flow and financing issues, as well as Tax, VAT and so on. I have a good track record in setting up new accountancy systems from scratch so here's hoping this kind of work will come my way too. It seems a shame to let my MAAT qualification and 20 years experience in the field go to waste. (My partner again wholeheartedly agrees)

I can hear your yawns from here so I'll stop now. But the point is, variety is everything and you could not have two careers more polar opposite than mine...

Contact helena@helenahalme.com if you cannot bear to even think about your business finances. I'll take care of it. (End of unashamed advertising)

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