Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Supermarket flirting

After my meeting with the nice man from Business Link, I decided to do some food shopping. In these credit crunch times I try to cook the fridge empty, but partner and daughter complained last night that a thousand ways with left over meat loaf which had followed my million ways with minced meat phase was getting a little too imaginative (or not I guess). Personally I think a slice of the aforementioned meatloaf on top of a piece of rye bread (only thing left in bread bin) with an egg and cheese on top nicely cooked on the grill was a stroke of genius.

The man from Business Link had given me such a lot of optimism for my brilliant new career that I smiled as I dropped stuff into my trolley. I didn't even do my usual growling at slow, old people (I know I will be there at some point too, but then I'll be deaf and blind and will get in the way of other people on purpose). Instead I smiled at a man on the opposite side of the oldie obstacle in the tinned vegetables aisle. When he let me pass he smiled sweetly back at me.

A couple of aisles further on, he crashed into some packs of rice and I said in passing, 'You're creating a lot of havoc today, aren't you?'

'Yes, wherever I go,' he said and game me the look.

Oh, my God. He thinks I'm coming onto him!

I remembered someone told me a long time ago how supermarkets were the places to flirt. At the time I thought it was a stupid notion. I hate food shopping and usually go through it wearing a frown.

But not today.

Of course I bumped into him in every aisle from then on, even ending up in front of him at the tills. I was so embarrassed I kept my head down until I was safely inside my car.


Anonymous said...

I hate food shopping too! What is it with those old people, or the ones who just look like they have no idea what they're doing. It's not a foreign country, just food.
P.s. love the bit about meatloaf, I should be more imaginativwe with my meals...

Mimi Thebo said...

Very, very funny. I particularly like 'the look'!!

Anonymous said...

roligt! väntar på fler tips och recept innolla!