Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Lost Daughter and the lost words

After the friendly and positive meeting of similar minded writers in Bath on Monday night and the excellent crit on the second chapter of the sequel to The Red King of Helsinki, I'm now stuck. Yesterday I did edits and revisions on chapter two of The Lost Daughter, according to the very useful and constructive suggestions by my fellow writers. I then finished chapter three, but now cannot get any further. I've tried to write all day and only managed a measly 350 words. Hanna is alone in her bed-sit in Reading. Someone help me get her out of there!

Perhaps going to the London Book Fair week after next will motivate me. After the McKee course in script writing I wrote for weeks without a break. In the meantime I need to keep up with the one thousand words per day -schedule, or I'll lose the plot. (Ha, ha)

Why is blogging so much easier? Must unplug broadband and strap myself onto writing chair.


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I wrote a blog post about writer's block a while back. In it I discussed some things that have helped me overcome writer's block. If you decide to check it out, scroll down on the right and click on Writing Elements.

Helena Halme said...

Thanks Jennifer, I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

You are in good comapny hasn't Andrew Motion got the same?