Monday, 6 April 2009

Sun and short skirts in Notting Hill

Is it illegal to cover your partner’s eyes when he’s driving? Even if he is showing far too much interest in young female legs in short skirts? One young thing, bouncing along the pavement at about the same pace as we were proceeding in the Saturday morning traffic, wore a wide skirt, which suddenly billowed and revealed her knickers. ‘Large, white M&S ones,’ he said. Should I have been glad that at least she wasn’t wearing a leopard print thong?

London was showing its best face at the weekend. Hyde Park was filled with families and friends lolling about on the grass, or running about after a ball or a dog. The joggers, who are there whatever the weather, looked at the scene with some irritation. The clear run of a cold March morning had turned into an obstacle course of children and clumsy teenagers. But I was with the sun worshippers, in spite of the interest the partner showed in the pretty girls. I in turn had my visual fill of bare chested youngsters throwing things at each other.

We were both glad to just be spectators in a slow moving car. We were suffering from the night before, a ceremonial dinner at Mansion House, followed by a very late night at Shoreditch House. I have less recollection of what happened at the latter than I do of the former. All I can remember is that liquorice vodka featured somewhere at Shoreditch. I am assured by those present I had a good time.

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