Monday, 17 August 2009

New lovely followers wanted

You know you want to!

Following a Blog is like saying, 'Thank you, I really enjoyed reading that. I'll pop in again when I have time.'

The way to do this is twofold:

1. You can enter you email on the Subscribe by Email box on the left, just above my lovely Honest Scrap Award. You'll get an email asking for confirmation of you subscription and then when a new post is up, you'll get an email. That's how easy it is.

2. Or you can Follow and be listed on the blog. To do this, click on Follow with Google Friends Connect above the pictures of my lovely followers. Then you can opt to follow either with Yahoo, Google or some others. If you don't have any of the listed accounts, you can create a Google Account. It's easy, you choose a name, password and a verification email will be sent to your mailbox. If you don't want to be named on the list or download your picture, that's no problem, though I would prefer if I knew who I was talking to...

Of course the best possible option is to do both. You'd get email notifications as soon as I've posted something, and I would get the little thank you on my blog to remind me that you are there, following my musings.

So, go on, make me happy, read my blog and if you like it, take the plunge and follow. I promise you it won't be as bad as the icy dip above. You see, there was a reason why I had to post that picture...apart from the obvious.


oneof365 said...

Are those sexy men possible rent boys? I'd like their numbers? Or, are they only available during x-mas?


Helena Halme said...

They're quite dishy aren't they? German, I believe, and that is all I am prepared to divulge.