Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The World's Favourite Airline?

I am so angry I can hardly write this post.

How can British Airways staff justify this strike? Do they know that they're the best paid in the industry? Or that their planes are staffed by the most number of cabin crew of any airlines in the world? Or that there are 2 million unemployed in the UK? Or that there's something called a recession on? Or that their strike might be the last straw and pull the airline down and thereby well and truly lose them their jobs?

I think it's telling that all the representatives of the BA cabin staff who've spoken on the radio or TV have appeared incognito. That speaks volumes: They know what they're doing is WRONG.

I feel very strongly about this mainly because my mother and daughter are both due to fly home for Christmas on BA.

Every Christmas we face some kind of travel crisis as we always either fly to Finland or Sweden or my relatives fly to us here in the UK. Two years ago the fog was so bad at Heathrow that SAS refused to land there. In the end the flight was delayed by several hours, but I lost my sense of humour a few times, most notoriously when the Swedes nearly diverted to London City Airport. I guess they thought it was near to Heathrow. For us it would have meant a six hour detour. Another year all my mother's luggage was lost. The tree was a little less laden with presents that year. Luckily the children were old enough to understand.

So this year we booked with BA as we thought they'd be the most reliable carrier.

Little did we realise BA planes are staffed by muppets.


Wildernesschic said...

Oh god what a nightmare Helena .. I have to say we were just saying that we would maybe like to go away at Christmas next year but this just puts you off completely its what puts me off flying in the summer.
I hope that you all get together ok xxx

Miss Whistle said...

I'm glad you posted about this. It's infuriating. So many of my friends are having their Christmas plans buggered up and can't get back to England. I read somewhere that the BA cabin crews make double their Virgin counterparts...and yet still they've chosen this time of the year to go on strike. Massive pr problem for BA.

I am really sorry about your mamma and daughter. I hope it all works out.

Miss W

Liberty London Girl said...

I agree with you 100%. Well said. LLGxx

Margit said...

That's terrible! I've always hated BA - porridgey seats, old planes, ugly stewardesses, a ghastly cooked breakfast which fills the cabin with nauseous fumes... I could go on! There's only one decent airline in the world, and that's Lufthansa. But I guess that's not much use to you! Hope they change their evil plans! xx

one of 365 said...

I HATE BA! They should be called B.S.! They are crappy, dated planes and I always get screwed when I fly with them. Truthfully, they all suck. I usually fly American...I know, I know...everyone hates them too. Fuck, why can't air travel be decent...it isn't cheap for fuck's sake!